WSOP Paradise: Brazilian trio enter final day of mini-main event

WSOP Paradise: Ivan Ost, Caio Capistrano and Jacks...

Friday (08) will be a crucial day for Brazilian Poker at the 2023 WSOP Paradise. With 23 players remaining in the mini-main event field of 2,234, Brazil will have a very strong trio vying for that 31st bracelet. On the final day of competition, Ivan Ost, Caio Capistrano and Jackson Pimentel formed.

Topping the list is Ivan Ost from Rio Grande do Sul, who has accumulated 9,250,000 chips. Cear√°’s Caio Capistrano follows closely behind with a total of 4,280,000 chips, posting his second good result of the series after being eliminated in the final leg of the Millionaire Maker. Finally, Jackson Pimentel is a short stack with 875,000 chips and about 4 big blinds.

The Brazilian team was eliminated by several players in the final stages of the second day: Renan Maciel (31st – $9,300), Bruno Severino (45). – $6,400), William Oliveira (57th – $5,500), Bruno Motta (68th – $4,700), Pedro Reis (71st – $4,700), Kyle Vin Cobb (82nd – $3,500), Rafael Costa (90 – $3,100) and Daniel Silva (95 – $3,100).

Dan Stavila leads the way with 11,275,000 chips. Martin Raus (7,500,000), Viktor Herr (5,200,000), Beverly Grindle (4,875,000), Luis Faria (4,825,000), Rene Majed (4,550,000), Seyoon Lim (4,550,000) and Emamanouil Fountoulakis (4,000,000) share Brazilians The top 10 in chips .

The competition will continue this Friday at 2:00 pm Brazil time. The blinds are 100,000/200,000 and the blind ante is huge. The three Brazilians received at least $11,300 in the prize pool, but the focus was on the championship bracelet and the generous $334,380 purse.

WSOP Paradise: Ivan Ost, Caio Capistrano and Jacks...

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  • Kuvalis.maegan

    The text provides an update on the progress of Brazilian players in the 2023 WSOP Paradise mini-main event. It mentions the strong trio of Ivan Ost, Caio Capistrano, and Jackson Pimentel competing for the 31st bracelet, with Ivan Ost leading the chip count. The focus is on their pursuit of the championship bracelet and the substantial prize money.

  • Davonte.swift

    This text highlights the strong performance of Brazilian poker players at the 2023 WSOP Paradise, with three remaining in the mini-main event. Ivan Ost leads the trio with a significant chip stack, followed by Caio Capistrano and Jackson Pimentel. They are competing for the 31st bracelet and a substantial cash prize.

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