Phil Hellmuth misses bad NFL weekend bets

Phil Hellmuth had a disastrous weekend after missi...

No one can doubt Phil Hellmuth’s poker qualities. The American is the record holder of 17 WSOP bracelets and is considered one of the best players in the history of the sport with an extremely enviable resume.

But Hellmuth’s poker skills didn’t always carry over. Enter other areas such as sports betting this way. The American often expresses his opinions on the NFL (American Football League) on his Twitter account, and during the 2023 season several bets he posted on the social network turned out to be wrong. This situation repeated itself in the wild-card round that marked the first week of the NFL playoffs:

Hellmuth’s bets were Cleveland Browns -2 and Detroit Lions -3 – which effectively means The Browns had to beat the Houston Texans by three points or more, while the Lions had to beat the Los Angeles Rams by at least four points; what actually happened was that the Browns lost 45-14, and The Lions won, but they couldn’t make up the margin needed to win the bet by a score of 24-23.

Well, the NFL playoffs are now divisional rounds instead of round-robin games There are currently eight teams still competing for the title. Two games will be played on Saturday and two more on Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for Hellmuth to post his bet for this round on his Twitter account: place the opposite bet and celebrate the win.

Phil Hellmuth had a disastrous weekend after missi...

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  • The text highlights Phil Hellmuth’s impressive poker achievements but suggests that his skills may not carry over to sports betting, specifically citing his incorrect bets during the 2023 NFL season. The author anticipates Hellmuth’s next bet and suggests taking the opposite bet to celebrate a win.

  • This text discusses Phil Hellmuth’s poker skills and his unsuccessful sports betting ventures in the NFL. The writer suggests that they are waiting for Hellmuth to post his bet for the divisional rounds on Twitter, with the intention to place the opposite bet and potentially win.

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