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2/10: How the Poker World Celebrated Doyle Brunson...

The poker community celebrates Doyle Brunson’s Memorial Day for the first time. There is simply no other choice as to when the event will take place. To use a fun analogy, today is October 2nd: Month 10 and Day 2, or “Brunson’s Hand,” which he used to win the WSOP twice.

Almost every poker room and online room pays tribute to this legend. . For example, PokerStars (for the US market only) runs a freeroll with a guaranteed $10,200, while the WPT offers hundreds of live tournament seats to all players who receive Brunson’s starting hand.

The poker room stands out in Spezial, USA. For example, Doug Polk’s club, The Lodge, offers a bonus of $300 to players who win a hand and an additional bonus of $10,200 to players on a full house. Many rooms also host charity tournaments with nominal buy-ins.

Hundreds of players who played with the legend that day also felt the need to tell interesting stories. For example, Tom Dwan recalled Doyle’s multiple fake heart attacks:

“I know some of the old stories from the old days. Did you hear about the three times he faked a heart attack? People Trying to follow him. “He took him home and robbed him and stuff, I don’t remember exactly, I think at least twice, maybe three times, he faked a heart attack. ”

Billy Baxter, Eli Elezra, Mike Matusow, Tom McEvoy, David Williams, Ben Lamb, Ted Forrest, Maury Escandani and many others shared their memories.

October 2nd of each year is now officially Doyle Brunson’s birthday. The poker world will remember the various stories about the poker legend year after year, and the room will be remembered through various promotions and charity events Remember him.

2/10: How the Poker World Celebrated Doyle Brunson...

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  • This text describes the celebration of Doyle Brunson’s Memorial Day in the poker community, where various online and live poker rooms pay tribute to the legendary player through promotions, tournaments, and charity events. Many players also share their memories and stories about Doyle Brunson on this day, making it a special occasion in the poker world.

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    I think the text is announcing the celebration of Doyle Brunson’s Memorial Day in the poker community. It mentions different events and promotions taking place to pay tribute to the legend, as well as players sharing their memories and stories about him. Overall, it seems like a significant and memorable day in the world of poker.

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