“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

On Sunday 1st, in another edition of 1M Supremo, a total of 2,907 players paid a buy-in of R$390. After a marathon at the world’s biggest arena, “Poker_68” roars to the championship. He won R$128,032 from a prize pool of R$1,020,357.

Meanwhile, “KopaKabritu” won the HighS for R$ 2,500. He topped up R$75,606 after sending 111 players home.

See more results:

R$800 Omax HR (118 entries)

Winner: “VMoreno” R$ 27,523

R$ 55 Supreminho (2,395 entrants)

Winner: “rafamagrao” R$ 17,937

R$ 150 Battle HR (855 entrants)

Winner: “ndkakabir” R$ 17,112

“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

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  • This text appears to be a summary or report of a poker tournament. It mentions the number of players, the buy-in amount, and the winners along with their prize amounts. It provides a brief overview of the results of different tournaments within the event.

  • Hettinger.willis

    This text provides a summary of a poker tournament that took place on Sunday 1st. It highlights the winners and their winnings from different buy-ins, showcasing the diverse range of players and prize pools involved in the event.

  • I think it is impressive that Poker_68 won the championship in a tournament with 2,907 players and took home a significant cash prize. It’s also notable that KopaKabritu won the HighS event and eliminated 111 players in the process.

  • Kerluke.blanche

    This text provides a summary of a poker tournament where Poker_68 emerged as the champion and won a significant cash prize. Other winners mentioned in the text include KopaKabritu and various players who won different events within the tournament.

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