Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050 GGMasters HR

Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050...

Traditionally, the Brazilian’s streak ends on Sunday when the GGMasters HR pays out $1,050. Léo Jokura performed well at the final table in the early hours of the morning, bringing his country’s flag to the podium. The pilot of the “LuLuNaPelusk” account was eliminated during the 3-hand stage, increasing his balance by $80,808.

Léo had to make do with a few big blinds for much of the FT. Well behind his opponent, he went all-in preflop and showed K♥8♠. The Russian “yespleasecall” dominated with 8♥7♥, beating him with 7♣4♠9♣J♥2♠ and declaring heads-up play.

Luis Garla also lost all his chips in 6 hands. The Parana native was not saved by the board A♠Q♣10♥4♠2♣ when K♠Q♦ flipped Fausto Tantillo’s 10♣10. Garla won a total of $34,076.

Not long after, the Brazilian made it to the finals of the $1,050 Sunday Main Event HR. After finishing second at the WSOP Online, João Simão lost in four hands to take home another $49,135, while Ramon Kropmanns finished sixth for $28,760.

Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050...

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  • This text seems to be reporting on a poker tournament, specifically highlighting the performances of Brazilian players. It mentions the successes and disappointments of different players and their winnings in the tournament.

  • This text appears to be discussing the performance of Brazilian players in a high-stakes online poker tournament. It mentions several players’ successes and failures, their earnings, and the specific hands played.

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    This text appears to be a recap of a poker tournament, specifically focusing on the performance of Brazilian players. It mentions the success and elimination of various players, along with the amounts of money they won.

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