“KbçaDeMissel” defeated Supremas HighS

“KbçaDeMissel” defeated Supremas HighS

Suprema is home to the most popular events on the Brazilian online scene and has once again exceeded its main event’s guaranteed prize pool. In the latest edition of the R$2,500 HighS competition, ‘KbçaDeMissel’ beat 116 players to take home R$65,957 from a R$263,250 prize pool.

In the R$250 Battle HR, “Anduril” shouts. Loud master. The first of 1,160 participants, he topped up his balance with R$33,080.

Meet yesterday’s other winners

R$ 150 big increase

1. Place “OMMOD ” R$ 19,083

R$ 75 Mysterious KO

1. Place “WillBonner” R 12,564 $

R$ 15 Plus

1. Place “ReliquiAA” R$ 9,358

“KbçaDeMissel” defeated Supremas HighS

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  • This text highlights the success of Suprema in hosting popular events in the Brazilian online scene, with its main events consistently surpassing the guaranteed prize pool. It also mentions the winners of some recent competitions and their respective prize amounts.

  • This text is providing highlights of the recent Suprema events in Brazil, where participants won significant amounts of money from the prize pool. It mentions specific winners and the amounts they earned.

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