Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR

Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

In an unusual Wednesday session on GGPoker, Gabriel Tavares emerged victorious. In the $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR [Mystery Bounty], pilot account “gtavares10” beat out 162 entrants to take home $53,369.

Filipe “JapaNIT” Yamamoto finished on the podium in the $44 Bounty Hunters Forty Stack event, adding $7,741 to his balance.

In the $32.10 Bounty King Jr event, winner “CallValito” earned $5,779 for his performance from 2,429 entries.

Meanwhile, Murilo Milhomem went 7-point under in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR for $5,540.

In the end, “Si1veira” came within one hand of winning the Daily Main Event in the $250 event and won $5,504.

Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

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  • In this text, several individuals achieved impressive wins in different online poker events, earning substantial amounts of money. Gabriel Tavares emerged as the victor in a high-stakes tournament, while Filipe Yamamoto, CallValito, Murilo Milhomem, and Si1veira also had notable performances.

  • This text provides a brief overview of various winners and their earnings from different poker events on GGPoker. It highlights the victory of Gabriel Tavares in the $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR and mentions the winnings of other players in different events.

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