During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earned his first WSOP Circuit ring.

During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earne...

Uruguayan Martin Lategui added another lucky season to his strong record in live events in 2023, winning 555 The Euro 2-7 Triple Crown draw tournament is designated Event #4 and takes place at the World Series of Poker (WSOP-C) stop in Tallinn, Estonia. In a heads-up match with local Aleksandr Arutjunov, Charrúa signed Prize-sharing agreement, with this title Charrúa won the Tour’s first gold jewel and €6,300 in prize money.

Lategui traveled across the Baltic Sea with the locals. These include three awards and a world-class title to further his results in 2023.

Famous Uruguayan pro Martin Lategui recently made one of the biggest appearances of his career to date at a live event. He won his first championship ring playing in the World Series of Poker-C (WSOP-C). Charrúa achieved this victory in the €555 2-7 Triple Tie tournament, which was Event #4 at the WSOP-C station. Organized by the city of Tallinn in the Nordic country Estonia.

Sharing the prize after an agreement with local Aleksandr Arutjunov managed to keep all his chips and thus won A bonus of 6,300 euros in addition to his first ring on the track. The runner-up received €5,800, while Finland’s Petteri Kalenius completed the podium and earned €3,650 with the bronze medal. The competition saw 45 entries and a total prize pool of €21,600.

Estonia Panoramic view of the beautiful city of Tallin, WSOP-C stopped and Martin Lategui won his First WSOP C ring.

The victory allowed Martin to wear a gold pin on his positive journey. Baltic States, where he won two more awards at the same festival. Sonajero, the Shark as he is known by his nickname in online competition, finished in 14th place in the competition. Location>Event # 9,Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/LoThis event had 127 participants registered and the buy-in was €660. Lategui also climbed to 11th place in Event #12, a 159-player no-limit hold’em progressive bounty tournament with a buy-in of €660. This time, the Uruguayan received a payment of €1,080.

Lategui had a strong showing at the 2023 event, taking home two prize pools on the Enjoy Poker Tour, in February on Punta del Esteheld. Martin then won two more awards at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Central Edition tournament in Las Vegas. The positive series of the protagonist of this review was confirmed a few weeks ago, in August, with two bonuses during the European Poker Tour (EPT) season, which took place in Hold Barcelona extension. This means Charrúa’s live tournament winnings have passed the $500,000 mark, ranking 10th among the country’s players in all-time winnings.

We conclude with the €5552-7 Triple Drawfinalists who visit Tallinn with the WSOP-C Event No. 4, Estonia:

Master: Martin Lategui (Uruguay) 6,300 €*Second: Aleksandr Arutjunov (Estonia) €5,800*Third place: Petteri Kalenius (Finland) €3,650. 4. Location: Kimmo Kurko (Finland) 2,700 €5. Location: Juho Heiska (Finland) 1,850 €6°: Janne Nevalainen (Finland) 1,500 €

During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earne...

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  • Amina.schinner

    The text describes the success of Uruguayan poker player Martin Lategui in live events, particularly in the 2023 World Series of Poker-C stop in Tallinn, Estonia. Lategui won the Euro 2-7 Triple Crown draw tournament, earning the first gold jewel and a prize of €6,300, solidifying his strong record in the poker world.

  • This text highlights Uruguayan poker player Martin Lategui’s success in live events in 2023, including winning the Euro 2-7 Triple Crown draw tournament in Tallinn, Estonia. Lategui’s strong performance and multiple awards throughout the year have earned him a place among Uruguay’s top players in terms of all-time winnings.

  • It sounds like Uruguayan professional poker player Martin Lategui had a very successful 2023, winning multiple live events and accumulating over $500,000 in tournament winnings. His victory at the WSOP-C event in Tallinn, Estonia, where he won the €555 2-7 Triple Draw tournament, marked a significant milestone in his career.

  • Letitia.herzog

    This text highlights Martin Lategui’s success in live poker tournaments in 2023, including winning the Euro 2-7 Triple Crown draw tournament at the WSOP-C in Tallinn, Estonia. He has shown consistent strong performance throughout the year, earning significant prize money and multiple awards.

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