Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerStars

Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerS...

On Tuesday the 12th, poker players across the country are busy again on PokerStars. Dalton Hobold was eliminated in the 3-way $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $5,310.

Dalton didn’t stop there. During the $109 Mini Super Tuesday, the owner of the “daltonhb” account won another bronze medal and took home an additional $4,589.

In the $1,050 Super Tuesday, “fabio82329” finished second out of 37 entries, earning him $10,278 for his achievement.

In the $109 Bounty Generator, Raphael “raphaelvgc” Coelho rounded out the podium. He won $5,260 after defeating 262 opponents.

“powwwzin” took first place, taking home $5,242 in the Bounty Builder $33. There were 1,407 participants in the tournament. View other results:

Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerS...

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