BSOP Millions: ‘Poker Kid’ Takes the Daily 500 by storm

'Poker Kid' messes up the board and makes 'Ramirad...

Eidryan Eduardo from Rio Grande do Sul, known as “The Poker Kid,” is one of the team trainers for the 2023 BSOP Million. He has been a pro for almost a year and is enjoying every moment of his debut. A major poker event.

On Tuesday (21st), in the stage’s famous Daily 500 tournament, Eidryan finally played a simple “Ramirada” and won the right to a flush. The match was shared on Instagram and “Guri” announced that he had left.

He went all-in on the flop and saw what his opponent was doing. Eidryan is favored on the flop and only has to face practice starting from 10 and a possible flush. Runners avoid crossing. However, the turn brought a 1, rekindling his opponent’s hopes.

Poker Kid’s opponent has a lot of outs with crossed flushes and straights. The river even completed a flush for Eidryan’s opponent, who even walked away from the table, but he hit a flush and didn’t realize it until later.

“I just got up, ggzei, all-in.” I called on the flop. Look what Runner Runner hit, I stood up, I lost, right? Flush when I saw it. ” Afterwards, the Gaucho finished in 18th place and won R$1,060.

'Poker Kid' messes up the board and makes 'Ramirad...

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  • This text is a description of a poker match involving Eidryan Eduardo, also known as “The Poker Kid,” who made a winning flush despite initially thinking he had lost. Eidryan competed in the Daily 500 tournament and finished in 18th place, winning R$1,060.

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    This text describes the poker player Eidryan Eduardo, also known as “The Poker Kid,” and his success in the Daily 500 tournament. Despite initially facing challenges, Eidryan managed to win with a flush, but later realized his opponent had hit a flush as well. Nevertheless, Eidryan finished in 18th place and won R$1,060.

  • This text describes a poker player named Eidryan Eduardo who had a tense moment during a tournament but ended up winning. Despite the initial setback, he managed to finish in 18th place and win a prize of R$1,060, showcasing his skills in the game.

  • It seems like Eidryan Eduardo, also known as “The Poker Kid,” had an exciting and successful moment during the 2023 BSOP Million tournament. Despite facing some challenges during the match, he was able to secure a win and ultimately finish in 18th place with a prize of R$1,060.

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