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PGT Ranking: Haxton Sube, Weinman Lidera and Barbero Pelea

PGT Ranking: Haxton Sube, Weinman Lidera and Barbe...

October has begun and the final quarter of the year is fast approaching, and the PokerGO Tour 2023 will end on a high note once the players for the PGT Championship

Poker Masters and Super High Roller Bowl are left to create the famous Leaderboards to get some at the top Modify and close the gap towin one of the coveted 40 spots.

The current WSOP 2023 Main Event winner Daniel Weinman still leads with 2,300 points strong>, but now being tracked byIsaac Haxton, theyoungest SHR Bowl winner has gained some ground, finishing in second place with 2,297 points, moving Chris Brewer (2,185 points) moved into third place.

PokerGO Tour 2023 Starting in January, every game will earn points towards the end-of-season PGT tournament with a $1 million prize pool dollars, of which$500,000 is reserved for the winner. Each qualifier sits at the poker table with a pile representing the points accumulated at the table.

According to the latest update, Argentina’s ACR Pro Team José Ignacio Barbero appears29. Ranked with 982 points, as the only representative of the Latin Fleet. Here you can view all positions on the Leader List.

Preparations are now underway for the PokerGO Tour 2023 to start for the PGT Mixed Tournament II representation between 5. October 159 events at the studios at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

PGT Ranking: Haxton Sube, Weinman Lidera and Barbe...

GGPoker takes home $28.6 million from WSOP Online Main Event, breaking 2020 record

GGPoker takes home $28.6 million from WSOP Online...

Only GGPoker has the ability to break his own record. In the final round of qualifying for the WSOP Online Main Event, the site’s prize pool exceeded the first tournament’s all-time prize pool of $27,559,500. The largest tournament in Internet poker history has 6,023 registered participants and will allocate $28,609,250 to 761 players.

In 2023, GGPoker has decided to guarantee the Main Event stakes of $25,000,000, just like in 2020. For 2021 and 2022, the site has set a minimum prize pool of $20,000,000.

In the main event, Edson Tsutsumi Jr. won the nation’s top online MTT prize. The PokerLAB star, who finished second two years ago, earned $1,907,035.

Despite the record prize pool, whoever takes home the bracelet tomorrow will not win more than the first Main Event winner. In 2020, Bulgarian Stoyan Madanzhiev deposited $3,904,686. The only Brazilian at the final table, João Otávio or João Fera, finished in sixth place for $666,636.

View the full 2023 Main Event prize pool

1 . $2,783,432

2. $2,059,058

3. $1,524,214

4. $1,128,331

5. $805,303

6. $618,406

7. $457,864

8. $339,032

9. $251,073

10. $185,969

11. $161,627

12-15. $140,486

16-19. $122,115

20-23. $106,154

24-31. $92,289

32-39. $80,242

40-47. $69,776

48-63. $60,685

64-79. $52,786

80-95. $45,925

96-119. $39,962

120-143. $34,782

144-175. $30,279

176-215. $26,373

$216-$263. $22,978

264-319. $20,027

320-383. $17,463

384-463. $15,236

464-559. $13,301

$560-671. $11,621

672-761. $10,161

GGPoker takes home $28.6 million from WSOP Online...

Irish Poker Open: Oldest European festival has dates

Irish Poker Open: Oldest European festival has dat...

With the live tournament schedule becoming increasingly crowded, the Irish Poker Open has wasted no time in announcing next year’s schedule.

The 2024 edition of the festival, organized in partnership with PokerStars and Paddy Power, will take place on the 25th. 35 events taking place from March to 1 April at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Irish Poker Open: Oldest European festival has dat...

Chris Brewer’s ‘Fold of Bite’ praised at SHRB

Even without the award, Chris Brewer was praised f...

Chris Brewer has become one of the world’s leading poker players, with the American reaching the pinnacle of his career this year with two WSOP bracelets, including a first-place finish in the $250,000 Super High Roller. Earning him $5,293,556.

In addition to his two bracelets, Brewer also holds EPT and Triton Series titles, and his playing style has drawn widespread praise even from his opponents. The American was one of the players taking part in the Super High Roller Bowl, and while he didn’t win any prizes, his performance was praised by players and PokerGo commentators.

Adam Hendrix on Twitter: Was one of those who wrote Brewer: “Not going to lie, I think @Chris_D_Brewer had the best performance in SHRB. Sometimes poker is painful and you have to to the results it deserves.” To be clear, Brewer’s failure was due to an AA failure that landed him on the tournament’s ITM bubble.

Despite this, players have won praise for their performances, with three-bet hero fold being the most talked about play in the tournament. There were 10 players left in the game when the match took place. When the level was 5,000/10,000, Brewer was in the small blind, limping in with Jason Koon in the big blind.

Koon didn’t miss the opportunity and announced a raise to 40,000 chips, Brewer called it. The flop came and Brewer immediately 3-bet. He checked and asked Koon to continue the action. The GGPoker Ambassador bet 22,000 and Brewer called again.

The turn card is 1, repeat the action. Koon now raises the price and bets 90,000 chips. Brewer broke down and called again. The river ended with . After Chris checked again, Jason Koon decided to overbet 367,000 for a pot of 314,000, a fake all-in, with only 1,000 chips left.

Chris Brewer felt uncomfortable quickly, without even taking a moment. The bank folded. The decision proved to be the right one as Jason Koon held the hole card and the river made a full house. Will you escape?

Even without the award, Chris Brewer was praised f...

Benny Glaser added and continued. He won his seventh title at the 2023 WCOOP.

Benny Glaser added and continued. He won his seven...

British Benny Glaser graces the World Championship of Online Poker 2023 on

The most important headlines in the professional media were the enthusiastic response to his sixth win at the festival, making him the first person to win more in the same edition of the most important online poker festival Game players.

The reality is, with more to come than a week away, it’s odd that things would stay this way considering the rate at which the hybrid game specialists continue to rack up wins.

As the month goes by, The Seventh of Spades is finally here.

My seventh WCOOP title in this series😁😁An unprecedented scene! It would also be nice to win it in this stacked FT/field! Collaboration Title #25 🏆There are now four days left to try and win the overall player rankings in the series! 🚀

— Benny Glaser (@BennyGlaser) October 1, 2023

Benny focuses on the impact of the presence of certain opponents at the final table Difficult if. This is partly due to Glaser’s win in the high-level No-Limit Hold’em tournament WCOOP 94-H 6-Max Turbo $1,050, in which format experts are said to be better than him. Beyond that, there’s the novelty of not being surrounded by big-name players from the mixed game tournament.

Given Gavin Cochrane’s reputation and final position, Aliaksei Boika and Sam Greenwood have to be the toughest to crack. Despite the exceptional records of the 134 unique players competing, they are all competing for a spot on the championship podium. Indeed, Glaser’s toughness on the field must be tempered by the fact that Benny was forced to use the two respawns available to him.

Even more bizarrely, in his tweet, the seven-time Reborn Champion could set himself a new goal in this WCOOP of reaching the top of the evenness charts.

Seven wins are not enough for Glaser to lead the overall ranking of the festival, which is now led by the Russian specialist “FAL1st” and Renan Bruschi ) or Calvin Anderson’s more established players have fallen far behind in the title race.

  1. FAL1st 1675 points
  2. RunGodlike 1625 points
  3. Internett93o 1440 points
  4. pads1161 1425 points

Working against Glaser is the fact that the remaining events of the WCOOP, whether they are multi-day tournaments on Sunday or those starting on Tuesday (the last day of registration for the festival), are either NLHE or PLO format. There are no longer any events in the format.

That won’t slow down Glaser, as his low-level performance in the WCOOP Main Event in the PLO format proved. As for the NLHE, RunGodlike sold out all four entries in the Lo and Mid and has two more available for re-entry in the $10,300 Hi.

Benny Glaser added and continued. He won his seven...

Pedro Padilha KK out of WCOOP event due to injury 96-H FT

Pedro Padilha KK out of WCOOP event due to injury...

In the fight for another WCOOP 2023 title, star player Pedro Padilha was eliminated in the Event 96-H: $530 NL Hold’em finals. He was eliminated in fifth place for $20,855.

As he left, Padilha decided to defend the big man and made three bets to 3,300,000. Doing this again, “yoyesyo” pushed his stack of 17,445,119 into the middle of the table. Padilha, owner of 7,410,354, took to Insta to call and revealed K ♦K♠. Led by A 3 ♦ , the Canadian hit a straight on the board 4♠J Tiger 2♠2 ♣5 Tiger.

Just two steps before Padilha went down, Peter “pitaoufmg” Patrício also lost all his chips. In “Scarmak3r’s” colder QCheckQ♣ versus K♥K♣, the miner couldn’t find any outs on the 9♠ACheckA♣A♠2♠ board. Sixth place brought a total of $15,072 in miner bonuses.

The Samba team duo are also joined by Júnior “EdilsonRTJ” of the Financial Times. He earned $10,892 for finishing seventh.

Pedro Padilha KK out of WCOOP event due to injury...

Latinos are vying for glory in WSOP Online Main Event

Latinos are vying for glory in WSOP Online Main Ev...

WSOP Online saved the best for last. With only two bracelet events left in the greatGGPokerseries, theMain Eventis the one all Latin Americans want.

The second day of this Monday will feature numerous opening flights for the most important tournament in the series. Beginning at 15:00, 642 players, along with the final two rounds of qualifiers taking place this morning, will compete for absolute glory, with prize money in excess of $2.5 million and the popular World Series of Online Poker Bracelet.

Dario Dussan, a Colombian living in Mexico, is the most qualified Latin American.

As expected, Armada will feature some top players. The best ranked one isDario Dussan, butRamiro Petrone,Francisco Benitez,Alberto Meran, Martin Piñeiro, Julio Chia,Manuel PlayerN12 Pochat, Antonio superyanga23 Rodriguez,Jose Ferro and two who already have bracelets Players: Ivan Luca and Damian Salas.

To date, the Event #28 $5,000 Main Event has 5,540 entries and a prize pool of $26,315,000. While exact numbers have yet to be determined, players in this stage are expected to have earned $11,793 in prize money, with the winner taking home $2,640,835.

The concurrent Event No. 33 US $10,300 GGMillion$ High Roller, with a total purse of $10 million, also begins the next day. Petron, Lucá and Dominican

Latinos are vying for glory in WSOP Online Main Ev...

Women’s initiative for Hendon Mob

Female poker community unites against Hendon Mob

Last week, women’s poker community Pocket Queens, with support from PLON, FLIP, LIPS, WIP and similar groups, addressed gender inequality in the Hendon Mob database.

Hendon Mob has been collecting player data for years and is the largest database of live poker results. Users can filter the output to include gender selection.

However, when THM receives data from a poker room or poker room, it only provides the name of the player, not the gender.

So TMH has the task of determining the gender of the player. For women’s tournaments or famous poker players, it’s easy. However, if the user has a gender-neutral name (usually from an Asian country), it can be difficult to determine the gender. Hendon Mob attributes this to men, as they make up the vast majority of poker players.

Any user with an error listed on the site may contact the organizers and request changes. However, this always happens after the fact.

Female poker community unites against Hendon Mob

WCOOP: Rafael Moraes advances to CL in Event #27-H

Rafael Moraes enters the final day of WCOOP Event...

In addition to Yuri Martins and Kelvin Kerber vying for big wins in the final leg of the WCOOP, Brazil will also be represented on the final day of Event #27-H , the $530 NLHE Deep Stacked Event. A total of 620 entrants took part and were stopped on Saturday night (16th) by 28 entrants, including the Brazilian trio.

In first place on the final day of this valuable tournament is Team PokerStars Pro Rafael Moraes, known as “GM_VALTER” in the site’s tables. The Brazilian ambassador tops the leaderboard with 11,882,885 chips and is targeting the WCOOP title.

Chips count In fourth place is DR Poker Team partner Dennys Ramos or “dennysramos2” with 8,698,776 chips. Fabiano Kovalski, “Kovalski1”, completes the Brazilian trio with 8,276,752 chips.

There are some familiar names in the tournament: Andreas Berggren “mrAndreeew” (7,655,888), Nikita Kuznetsov “Ebaaa11” (6,116,187), Alex Debus “Schildy1984” (5,988,233), Stefan Schillhabel “Baeks22” (5,457,790) , Nenad Djukic “Nomalice” (4,270,466), “Miracleq” (2,918, 2,114), Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin. and Gavin) and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavin and Gavz1. “Bbernadinho” (2,293,476).

The final day will take place this Sunday at 1:30pm on PokerStars. The blinds are 60,000/120,000 and the ante is 15,000. The prize pool is $1,824, with the winner taking home a whopping $54,554.

Rafael Moraes enters the final day of WCOOP Event...

Yuri Martins has no hints in the Bounty Hunter Super HR match

Yuri Martins has no hints in the Bounty Hunter Sup...

WSOP Online’s farewell is a fantastic day for the country’s highlights in the fourth edition of the festival. In the final high roller event, the $5,250 Bounty Hunter, Yuri Martins defeated his opponent heads-up. The man from Paraná state won a total of $29,658.

Yuri also had good results in the WCOOP Main Event. He finished in 13th place and won $19,352.

Soon after, Pedro Padilha won a bronze medal and $20,654 in the $525 Bounty Hunter version, while “La ele!!!” (4th place) and “DEMOLIDOR1722” (7th place) ) received $14,235 and $14,096 respectively.

Alisson Piekazewicz collected two books in a matter of hours. He beat out 858 players to win $9,206 in the $85.50 Bounty Classic. He then won $7,943 heads-up against Elias Neto in the $555 Fifty Stack HR. Meanwhile, the runner-up received $5,956.

Yuri Martins has no hints in the Bounty Hunter Sup...

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