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Doyle Branson Day

2/10: How the Poker World Celebrated Doyle Brunson...

The poker community celebrates Doyle Brunson’s Memorial Day for the first time. There is simply no other choice as to when the event will take place. To use a fun analogy, today is October 2nd: Month 10 and Day 2, or “Brunson’s Hand,” which he used to win the WSOP twice.

Almost every poker room and online room pays tribute to this legend. . For example, PokerStars (for the US market only) runs a freeroll with a guaranteed $10,200, while the WPT offers hundreds of live tournament seats to all players who receive Brunson’s starting hand.

The poker room stands out in Spezial, USA. For example, Doug Polk’s club, The Lodge, offers a bonus of $300 to players who win a hand and an additional bonus of $10,200 to players on a full house. Many rooms also host charity tournaments with nominal buy-ins.

Hundreds of players who played with the legend that day also felt the need to tell interesting stories. For example, Tom Dwan recalled Doyle’s multiple fake heart attacks:

“I know some of the old stories from the old days. Did you hear about the three times he faked a heart attack? People Trying to follow him. “He took him home and robbed him and stuff, I don’t remember exactly, I think at least twice, maybe three times, he faked a heart attack. ”

Billy Baxter, Eli Elezra, Mike Matusow, Tom McEvoy, David Williams, Ben Lamb, Ted Forrest, Maury Escandani and many others shared their memories.

October 2nd of each year is now officially Doyle Brunson’s birthday. The poker world will remember the various stories about the poker legend year after year, and the room will be remembered through various promotions and charity events Remember him.

2/10: How the Poker World Celebrated Doyle Brunson...

Rodrigo Seiji wins match against Yago Simplício at Lightning HU to win WSOP Online Event 32 and earn $187,000

Rodrigo Seiji wins match against Yago Simplício at...

The country’s grinders are never tired of making history at the WSOP Online. On Sunday night 1, Rodrigo Seiji and Yago Simplício played out the first green-yellow heads-up match of the World Cup. On the first hand of the duel, Seiji eliminated his compatriot and claimed the bracelet in Event 32: $1,500 NL Hold’em NL Hold’em Bounty Turbo The Closer. The winner took home $187,119, while the runner-up added $107,778 to their bankroll.

Yago made a huge comeback at the final table. A four-hand player, he got involved in a preflop all-in against Seiji and saw the Paraná native reveal K♥K♠. Dominated by A♠J♣, Yago couldn’t find his out on an 8♠4♦2CheckQ 5♣ board and fell to the ground.

With only 5 Bb, Yago managed to double his hand in two moves before cutting in. With 10♠8♠ against Linus Hjulström’s A♣7♦, he immediately hit the 8♥6♠2Check5♠2♠ hand and won the pot.

In 4 hands of play, Yago is still the guy to go with a pair of kings. After declaring an all-in 3-bet, he was called by Seiji with A 6♣. The board of K♠Q♠J♦7♠7♣ did not surprise Yago and he regained the lead.

Yago and Seiji, who were far away from their opponents, allowed Hjulström and Mc Dermott to go head-to-head running. head. With only 3 big blinds ahead, Seiji called the game over:

The blinds were 300,000/600,000, the ante was 75,000, and Seiji went all-in. Meanwhile, Yago defended his big hand and raised to 1,800,000. Seiji then pushed his stack of 17,703,508 into the middle of the table. Yago called with 13,863,242 and A 8♠. Seiji went all-in on a board of K♠10♠Q♥9♣8♦ with A♣10♦.

With 1,263 registered players, GGPoker won $1,799,775 in Event #32. Check out how much each finalist won:

1. Rodrigo Seiji (Brazil) $187,119

2. Yago Simplício (Brazil) $107,778

3. Sven McDermott (Ireland) $89,021

4. Linus Hjulström (Sweden) $66,397

5. Manfred Hermann (Germany) $56,215

6. Ioannis Angelou-Konstas (Greece) $33,722

7. Oihan Abarzuza (Spain) $33,255

8. Florian Gaugusch (Austria) $28,697

9. Mario Tony (Brazil) $26,950

Rodrigo Seiji wins match against Yago Simplício at...

Brazilian advances in major WCOOP tournament

WCOOP: Pedro Padilha cracks top 3 in event #96-H $...

Monday will be a busy day at the PokerStars tables, especially with all editions of the WCOOP Main Event continuing. But in addition to the main games of the series, several other games will continue and will be decided today, in which some good players from Brazil will compete for the championship.

Tee off in Sunday’s Event #96-H $530 For example, Ace Pedro Padilha is in a great spot. The Samba partner finished in the top three in terms of chips, as did other good names. There were 930 entrants and 40 qualifiers. PaDiLhA SP” is third with 5,019,938 chips and 83 blinds. Allison Eleres “Eleres88” is close behind in fourth with 4,607,701 chips.

Gabriel Nóbrega “gabrielvmn” is ninth with 3,591,658. Peter Patrício “pitaoufmg” ( 2,022,588), Edílson Júnior “EdilsonRTJ” (1,386,144), “ferkovsk” (1,337,836), Hélio Neves “hneves182” (1,261,928), Will Arruda “hellzito” (825,332) and Giovanni Torre “BRzRoll” (610,437 ) also goes one step further. Championship The blinds were set at 30,000/60,000, with the winner taking home $76,445.

The Brazilian performed well in WCOOP Event #97-H, a $215 Sunday warm-up event. Among 3,397 entries Of those, 59 players entered Day 2 and Day 20 under the Brazilian flag. Highlights include Felipe Arcas “Felipe_mla$” in third place with 5,647,197 chips, Edílson Júnior “dangerzinn” with 5,570,382 chips, and Heitor Queiroz “heitorqueiro ” With 4,926,846 chips, all entered the top 10.

Other promotions with names such as Jean Guimarães “jeanjrg1” include (4,183,766), André Tredezini “atredezini” (2,574,106), Ivan Limeira “ivan Limeira (2,545,694) , Bernardo Dias “bedias” (1,601,766) and Lucio Lima “WizardOffAz” (985,376). Event #97M has blinds at 25,000/50,000 and a first-place prize pool of $41,807, plus bonuses. Both return at 1:30 p.m.

WCOOP: Pedro Padilha cracks top 3 in event #96-H $...

Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050 GGMasters HR

Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050...

Traditionally, the Brazilian’s streak ends on Sunday when the GGMasters HR pays out $1,050. Léo Jokura performed well at the final table in the early hours of the morning, bringing his country’s flag to the podium. The pilot of the “LuLuNaPelusk” account was eliminated during the 3-hand stage, increasing his balance by $80,808.

Léo had to make do with a few big blinds for much of the FT. Well behind his opponent, he went all-in preflop and showed K♥8♠. The Russian “yespleasecall” dominated with 8♥7♥, beating him with 7♣4♠9♣J♥2♠ and declaring heads-up play.

Luis Garla also lost all his chips in 6 hands. The Parana native was not saved by the board A♠Q♣10♥4♠2♣ when K♠Q♦ flipped Fausto Tantillo’s 10♣10. Garla won a total of $34,076.

Not long after, the Brazilian made it to the finals of the $1,050 Sunday Main Event HR. After finishing second at the WSOP Online, João Simão lost in four hands to take home another $49,135, while Ramon Kropmanns finished sixth for $28,760.

Léo Jokura and Luís Garla advance to FT in $1,050...

“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

On Sunday 1st, in another edition of 1M Supremo, a total of 2,907 players paid a buy-in of R$390. After a marathon at the world’s biggest arena, “Poker_68” roars to the championship. He won R$128,032 from a prize pool of R$1,020,357.

Meanwhile, “KopaKabritu” won the HighS for R$ 2,500. He topped up R$75,606 after sending 111 players home.

See more results:

R$800 Omax HR (118 entries)

Winner: “VMoreno” R$ 27,523

R$ 55 Supreminho (2,395 entrants)

Winner: “rafamagrao” R$ 17,937

R$ 150 Battle HR (855 entrants)

Winner: “ndkakabir” R$ 17,112

“Poker_68” beats 1M Supreme to win R$128,000

Elvis Renan wins HR trifecta at KSOP Online; look at the winner

KSOP GGPoker Online: Elvis Renan unstoppable, wins...

Yesterday marked the penultimate day of KSOP GGPoker Online, and Sunday was special. Well-known figures from the scene feature prominently in the series, but the best stories are told by one of the country’s most popular players. Elvis “Catholão” Renan showed that he was still unstoppable and won an incredible three titles in the same event.

“REiDaSelva_” defeated the #31 High Roller PKO KSOP GGPoker Online layout for the third time in a single match and claimed his fourth trophy. Elvis Renan beat 35 players this time around to win the High Roller. He won the $200 tournament and earned $2,449. Rounding out the final table are Gaspar Neuman, Peterson Machado, Marllon Pinto and André Leão.

André Leão, GGPokers “Dr. Sig Freud” was also Sunday’s winner. The St. Paul player won the 30th annual Texas Festival, a $50 tournament among 76 entrants. He defeated Renato Maia in heads-up matches, as well as Americans Blaise Bourgeois, Leocir Carneiro and Peterson Machado.

In the 32nd edition of the PLO Show, it was the turn of Felipe Jimenez from Minas Gerais to take home the title. Felipe Jimenez, GGPoker’s “OPJF,” won the second GGPoker KSOP trophy of his career, besting 45 players in the $50 tournament for $714. In a great comeback, he stopped Elvis Renan from claiming his second trophy of the day, leaving “Katholon” in second place.

In the end, Anderson Luiz Fernandes came out victorious in the $25 NLH Hyper #33. GGPoker’s “Marombarp” ​​emerged victorious from 114 entrants and won $682, ​​securing the trophy for the series. The final victory was over second place Leandro Kolesny “Kolestation”.

KSOP GGPoker Online: Elvis Renan unstoppable, wins...

“I’m passionate about the power of poker to do good.”

“I’m passionate about the power of poker to do goo...

A few days ago it was announced that Maria Konnikova would be returning to the spotlight after signing a new contract as ambassador, and now she has given an interview to reveal more details.

The poker pro burst into the spotlight a few years ago as an author and psychologist who uses poker as a social experiment in a new book. Later she discovered that for many people, playing cards is a passion and a way

This new league comes about because PokerStars is making a strong comeback from USA to the North American Poker Tour, but , players make it clear that this relationship is much more than that.

“As you know, I’m passionate about how poker can make the world a better place, make the world a better place, and make the world a better place.” Think Better. PokerStars has a brand new team in the US and I really like it. I feel like we have a pretty good idea of ​​what we want to achieve with expansion and how we want to position poker in the world at large. In the world of poker, she turned to Erik Seidel as her teacher, and while she admits that while she wasn’t sure she would like it at first, she also admits that the more she learned, the more she felt it was something that would change her life. important things.

“Poker has helped me a lot, I think it has helped me become a stronger, better version of myself. I think it has taught me about decision-making and being a person. . ” As a Researcher on Decision-Making And psychologists who analyze emotions, I thought I knew it all, but poker manages to touch you and show you things about yourself (about emotion management, self-control, all that) on a whole new level. ” she said in an interview.

Finally, he talked about his role in the room, that he would not be limited to North American soil because he is part of the international team, so he Completed at least three EPT events and took advantage of his stay in Las Vegas for the WPT World Championship to be held at Wynn at the end of the year.

“I’m passionate about the power of poker to do goo...

__ MisK __ Win the Sunday Surprise Puzzle and get a trip to Jamaica

__ MisK __ Win the Sunday Surprise Puzzle and get...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. Throughout Sunday, a total of 34tournament 5-digit jackpots were organized in the French region, of which 1 were awarded. 25 millionbonus paid.

The most famous tournament is the €10 Sunday SurpriseMystery, hosted by “__MisK__” won, and the escapee received a cash reward of 9 euros, 379 euros,14, plus There is aweeklong trip to Jamaica for two.

There are 4 tournaments with prize money of over €10,000 for the winner.

In terms of prize pools, fourtournaments with prizes exceeding €100,000:

  • Battle Royale (€106,000) .
  • Sunday Surprise Mystery (€128,000).
  • Prime Time (€149,000).
  • Main Event KO (€140,000).

In addition, there are 7 other tournaments with prize money exceeding €30,000.

__ MisK __ Win the Sunday Surprise Puzzle and get...

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