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Gabriel Medeiros hits the podium in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

Gabriel Medeiros hits the podium in the $530 Bount...

Wednesday the 29th was pretty cool for the Brazilians at the PokerStars tables. In the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, Gabriel “Gremio CEM” Medeiros won bronze and increased his bankroll by $6,125.

Lavínia Portella takes a tougher stance on the website. She finished on the podium in the $22 Mini Battle Royale and earned $6,598 for eliminations. There were 3,113 participants in the championship.

In the $33 bounty creator, “bloemer1993” came out on top out of 1,388 entries, a feat that earned him $5,481.

Gabriel Medeiros hits the podium in the $530 Bount...

Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerStars

Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerS...

On Tuesday the 12th, poker players across the country are busy again on PokerStars. Dalton Hobold was eliminated in the 3-way $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $5,310.

Dalton didn’t stop there. During the $109 Mini Super Tuesday, the owner of the “daltonhb” account won another bronze medal and took home an additional $4,589.

In the $1,050 Super Tuesday, “fabio82329” finished second out of 37 entries, earning him $10,278 for his achievement.

In the $109 Bounty Generator, Raphael “raphaelvgc” Coelho rounded out the podium. He won $5,260 after defeating 262 opponents.

“powwwzin” took first place, taking home $5,242 in the Bounty Builder $33. There were 1,407 participants in the tournament. View other results:

Dalton Hobold scores two podium finishes at PokerS...

Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR

Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

In an unusual Wednesday session on GGPoker, Gabriel Tavares emerged victorious. In the $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR [Mystery Bounty], pilot account “gtavares10” beat out 162 entrants to take home $53,369.

Filipe “JapaNIT” Yamamoto finished on the podium in the $44 Bounty Hunters Forty Stack event, adding $7,741 to his balance.

In the $32.10 Bounty King Jr event, winner “CallValito” earned $5,779 for his performance from 2,429 entries.

Meanwhile, Murilo Milhomem went 7-point under in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR for $5,540.

In the end, “Si1veira” came within one hand of winning the Daily Main Event in the $250 event and won $5,504.

Gabriel Tavares offers $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

Pablo Brito climbs the GGMillion$ podium and wins another six-figure prize

Pablo Brito climbs the GGMillion$ podium and wins...

In the 19th FT of GGMillion$, ace Pablo Brito leaves GGPoker with another six-figure bonus. The 9tales star was eliminated in third place for $219,933.

With the second-biggest chip heading into the playoffs, Pablo did his best to give Artur Martirosian a hard time, but the Russian had none of it. The huge advantage he gained on day one was squandered. The 9tales member got further and further away from his opponent during the 3-hand phase and here’s what happened:

With blinds at 60,000/120,000 and an ante of 15,000, Pablo went all-in and Martirosian just checked. Once the flop came Q 9♥2♣ and Pablo bet 142,500, Martirosian raised to 456,000. The Brazilian then called and saw the turn 3♣. Martirosian put 816,000 in the middle of the table and saw his opponent check call. Finally, Martirosian called on the river 6♠ with 7,416,179. Pablo thought for a few seconds, then repeated the check call with A♥9♣ in hand. Martirosian took the pot with K♦Q♣ and went heads-up.

As he gained the upper hand over “spaise411”, Martirosian prevented his compatriot from reacting. In the final hand, “spaise411” check-raised all-in after a flop of 4♥8♦8♥, seeing Martirosian call instantly with A♣A♦. Under K♥J♥, the enigmatic grinder died in the 8th round.

Final result

1. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $357,739

2. “spaise411” (Russia) $280,497

3. Pablo Silva (Brazil) $219,933

4. Ilya Anatsky (Belarus) $172,446

5. Giya Yakobishvili (Russia) $135,212

6. Elior “SuperSolid” Sion (UK) $106,018

7. Wiktor Malinowski (Poland) $83,127

8. David Peters (USA) $65,718

9. Alexander Tkachev (Austria) $51,105

Pablo Brito climbs the GGMillion$ podium and wins...

BSOP Millions: ‘Poker Kid’ Takes the Daily 500 by storm

'Poker Kid' messes up the board and makes 'Ramirad...

Eidryan Eduardo from Rio Grande do Sul, known as “The Poker Kid,” is one of the team trainers for the 2023 BSOP Million. He has been a pro for almost a year and is enjoying every moment of his debut. A major poker event.

On Tuesday (21st), in the stage’s famous Daily 500 tournament, Eidryan finally played a simple “Ramirada” and won the right to a flush. The match was shared on Instagram and “Guri” announced that he had left.

He went all-in on the flop and saw what his opponent was doing. Eidryan is favored on the flop and only has to face practice starting from 10 and a possible flush. Runners avoid crossing. However, the turn brought a 1, rekindling his opponent’s hopes.

Poker Kid’s opponent has a lot of outs with crossed flushes and straights. The river even completed a flush for Eidryan’s opponent, who even walked away from the table, but he hit a flush and didn’t realize it until later.

“I just got up, ggzei, all-in.” I called on the flop. Look what Runner Runner hit, I stood up, I lost, right? Flush when I saw it. ” Afterwards, the Gaucho finished in 18th place and won R$1,060.

'Poker Kid' messes up the board and makes 'Ramirad...

Murilo Milhomem Reveals LAPT Mystery K.O. Gets Heavy with Help from Fiancée

Murilo Milhomem Reveals LAPT Mystery K.O. Gets Hea...

Omaha tournament winning machine Murilo Milhomem won his first LAPT title at the NL Hold’em tables. A bumpy final day at LAPT Mystery K.O. The pro from Palmas had to overcome several adverse situations during the 12 hours of competition.

After falling behind 4-1 in the heads-up match, he did not let the victory slip away. Including bounty, the Tocantins star won R$268,500. In the final frame, with Matheus Grazziotin’s back against the wall, Murilo made an open putt and got the call. The Santa Catarina native dominated at 2-2 with ace-2 and couldn’t find any outs on the board.

If Murillo performs well on the court, his fiancée Luana Sônego can blow away her opponents’ picks for the envelope. She cashed in rewards of R$50,000, R$25,000 and R$10,000 with “Holy Hand”.

Luana was so inspired that Walter O’Quim, who was eliminated in third place, asked her to open one of his envelopes. Then she found another reward of 50,000 reais. Very grateful, Walter kept his promise and gave her 10% of the bounty.

Final result

1.Murilo Milhomem (Brazil) R$268,500*

2 Matheus Grazziotin (Brazil) 103,000 R$

3 Walter Oaquim (Brazil) 74,850 R$

4 Luiz Antônio Joanello (Brazil) 60,520 R$

5 Anderson Machado (Brazil) R$ 47,900

6 Thiago Martins (Brazil) R$ 36,900

7 Ronan Ferraria (Brazil) R$ 27,450

8 Matheus de Queiroz (Brazil) 19,850 R$

9 Leandro Manuel Bustillo (Argentina) 16,050 R$

Murilo Milhomem Reveals LAPT Mystery K.O. Gets Hea...

During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earned his first WSOP Circuit ring.

During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earne...

Uruguayan Martin Lategui added another lucky season to his strong record in live events in 2023, winning 555 The Euro 2-7 Triple Crown draw tournament is designated Event #4 and takes place at the World Series of Poker (WSOP-C) stop in Tallinn, Estonia. In a heads-up match with local Aleksandr Arutjunov, Charrúa signed Prize-sharing agreement, with this title Charrúa won the Tour’s first gold jewel and €6,300 in prize money.

Lategui traveled across the Baltic Sea with the locals. These include three awards and a world-class title to further his results in 2023.

Famous Uruguayan pro Martin Lategui recently made one of the biggest appearances of his career to date at a live event. He won his first championship ring playing in the World Series of Poker-C (WSOP-C). Charrúa achieved this victory in the €555 2-7 Triple Tie tournament, which was Event #4 at the WSOP-C station. Organized by the city of Tallinn in the Nordic country Estonia.

Sharing the prize after an agreement with local Aleksandr Arutjunov managed to keep all his chips and thus won A bonus of 6,300 euros in addition to his first ring on the track. The runner-up received €5,800, while Finland’s Petteri Kalenius completed the podium and earned €3,650 with the bronze medal. The competition saw 45 entries and a total prize pool of €21,600.

Estonia Panoramic view of the beautiful city of Tallin, WSOP-C stopped and Martin Lategui won his First WSOP C ring.

The victory allowed Martin to wear a gold pin on his positive journey. Baltic States, where he won two more awards at the same festival. Sonajero, the Shark as he is known by his nickname in online competition, finished in 14th place in the competition. Location>Event # 9,Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/LoThis event had 127 participants registered and the buy-in was €660. Lategui also climbed to 11th place in Event #12, a 159-player no-limit hold’em progressive bounty tournament with a buy-in of €660. This time, the Uruguayan received a payment of €1,080.

Lategui had a strong showing at the 2023 event, taking home two prize pools on the Enjoy Poker Tour, in February on Punta del Esteheld. Martin then won two more awards at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Central Edition tournament in Las Vegas. The positive series of the protagonist of this review was confirmed a few weeks ago, in August, with two bonuses during the European Poker Tour (EPT) season, which took place in Hold Barcelona extension. This means Charrúa’s live tournament winnings have passed the $500,000 mark, ranking 10th among the country’s players in all-time winnings.

We conclude with the €5552-7 Triple Drawfinalists who visit Tallinn with the WSOP-C Event No. 4, Estonia:

Master: Martin Lategui (Uruguay) 6,300 €*Second: Aleksandr Arutjunov (Estonia) €5,800*Third place: Petteri Kalenius (Finland) €3,650. 4. Location: Kimmo Kurko (Finland) 2,700 €5. Location: Juho Heiska (Finland) 1,850 €6°: Janne Nevalainen (Finland) 1,500 €

During a successful stay in Estonia, Lategui earne...

WSOPC Rozvadov: Maria Lampropulos’ ITM in the Main Event

WSOPC Rozvadov: Maria Lampropulos’ ITM in the Main...

Argentinian player Maria Lampropulos attended the Rozvadov International leg of the WSOP Circuit at King’s Resort and cashed in the Main Event.

Hosted the Main Event between 6 and 10 October, with 543 entries worth €1,700. The top 55 players share the €950,000 ($1,000,147) prize pool.

Connie was eliminated on day three, finishing in 45th place, winning €4,050 ($4,264). It’s her 24th win of the year, with six coming in Las Vegas and the others in Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. She has earned $3.5 million during her career, ranking third on Argentina’s all-time money list.

WSOPC Rozvadov: Maria Lampropulos’ ITM in the Main...

Ari Engel is Lord of the Rings

Ari Engel is Lord of the Rings

Canadian Ari Engel won his 16th WSOP Circuit ring and became the player with the most WSOP Circuit wins. Just as Phil Hellmuth is the King of Bracelets, Ari Engel is the King of Rings.

His most recent victory was in Event #7 Limit Omaha 8 or Better, which featured 117 entrants for $400 each. Prize money for the top 18 entrants is $38,610.

Ali managed to collect all the chips, the gold ring and $10,749 in prize money. Here’s what he said after his win: “Of course, it feels great to win, but it’s a bittersweet feeling because my heart is in Jerusalem right now.”

Indisputable! Ari Engel earned his 16th career gold ring by winning the $400 Omaha 8 event at @HorseshoeHammnd Speedway.

This victory puts him at the top of the World Series of Poker rings leaderboard!

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) October 11, 2023

Here are 16 Ari has won during his career Ring:


Omaha 8 – HammondU$S 400117U$S 10.7492023#11 Pot Limit Big O – GratonU$S 40061U$U 6.5642023#10 H.O.R.S.E. S 14,4122021#3 PLO 6-Max – OnlineU$S 500217U$S 16,3502018#25 Mega Millions,2212014#6 H.O. R.S.E. – HammondU$S 580128U$S 17.9212013NLHE – ConnecticutU$S 580235U $S 29.6342013NLHE – West Palm BeachU$S 580212U$S 26.5012012NLHE Main Event – HammondU$S 1.125222U$S 55.5032012PLO /OM AHA -ChesterU$S 34595U$S 8.2922011NLHE – Las Vegas Gas U$S 35095U$S 8.2922007NLHE – Atlantic City U$S 340778U$S 63.018.

He has 300 WSOP cashes, 181 of which came from the WSOP Circuit. In addition to 16 rings, he also owns 2 bracelets and has won $2.7 million in World Series of Poker winnings. He has 467 cashes on the live circuit, making him the fifth-most cashed player in history. His live earnings to date are $8.3 million, ranking him 10th on Canada’s all-time money list.

Ari Engel is Lord of the Rings

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