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Top Poker News from the Last Week

Sergey Matvienko – Winline Media Poker Champions a...

The past seven days have been rich in poker news. The Winline Media Poker tournament is over, MPC has updated its client, PokerStars is hosting its anniversary Sunday Million and PokerOK’s GG MILLION$ series is coming to an end.


Winline Media Poker

Winline Media Poker 5 in Sochi ends tonight. This competition deserves special attention for a number of reasons. Firstly, the prize pool reaches a record £5,000,000. Secondly, the winner was the famous comedian Sergey Matvienko.

The last move of the game deserves special attention. Matvienko and Dmitry Likhanov in a one-on-one match. The future winner is the chip leader at that point and retains this position until the end. The final hand on the flop saw 3 of clubs Q-J and 3 of diamonds. Lixx decided to take a risk and went all-in on Hybrid J-8. Matviyenko responded with a 4-3 victory over the club.

The board worked well for both players. One has a pair of Jacks, the other has a pair of 3s and a flush draw. “This coin is a 50/50 chance for both players. The King of Spades comes on the turn, increasing Likhanov’s chances. However, Matvienko has 14 out cards, one of which is on the river 3 of spades.

The final hand of the tournament

This is the first time in tournament history that first place was taken by a participant whose main activity had nothing to do with poker. To win the main prize, Sergey had to defeat 23 opponents. Among them is Sergey Kefir Nikiforov, one of the past champions of the event.

The ITM for this event consists of three courses. Dmitry Likhanov and Anton Shastun also entered price territory. The next competition is scheduled for this summer.

Mobile Poker Club

MPC is one of the oldest rooms available to Russian players. It is famous among poker players for its large number of freerolls and conservative lobby appearance, which is reminiscent of the site’s design in the late 1990s. However, that all changed this weekend. Rum presents players with a new, modern client design.

The interface is now dark, and the icons and names look more visually appealing. In addition, space managers said the new lobby will be outfitted with updated features over time. If someone doesn’t like the current look, they can always switch to an older version.

PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million kicked off yesterday on PokerStars with a guaranteed prize pool of $8,000,000. This is the flagship tournament for the space and takes place every Sunday. April 7th is my 18th birthday. Registration for the event is the classic $215. This time the winner will receive a guaranteed $1,000,000. An hour before the race started, there were already about 10,000 runners. The event will be held as a “Free South” format. Late registration is available until the start of the next day.

GG MILLION$ weeks.

Room PokerOK has also decided to offer players tournaments with huge bonuses. The GG MILLION$ Week high roller series took place here last week. The final game of the festival will begin on April 9. Today is your last chance to compete for the Main Event’s $8,000,000 prize pool. The final flute competition of the first day will begin on April 8 at 6:00 pm Moscow time. Next, day two begins at 11:00 PM (MSC). The event has a buy-in of $10,300. Currently, there are 75 entrants on Day 2 and the tournament prize is $130,000, which is likely to exceed the guaranteed amount.

But that’s not all the series has to offer. Yesterday, the series hosted its Sunday Super High Roller event, with an entry fee of $25,500 and a guaranteed guarantee of $1,000,000. The winner was one of Russia’s best players – Artur Martirosyan, who won $387,856.

The main prize goes to Artur Martirosyan

A total of 51 players signed up to compete, surpassing the $275,000 guarantee. There are six seats in the prize area, four of which are occupied by contestants from the CIS countries.

Sergey Matvienko – Winline Media Poker Champions a...

Pedro Padilha wins $1,050 in Sunday High Roller

Pedro Padilha wins $1,050 in Sunday High Roller

No one was better positioned to emerge victorious than Pedro Padilha in an unusual tournament for Brazilians on PokerStars on Sunday. In the $1,050 Sunday High Roller, the pilot of the account “PaDiLhA SP” beat out 114 entries to win $26,574.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, “drope$tyle” finished on the podium, adding $25,995 to his bankroll.

Daniel Aziz won the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $25,389. A total of 328 players participated in the tournament.

In the SM Season Episode 01-M: $33 NL Hold’em season opener, Fillipe “Fillipinho” Éverton emerged as the top player out of 641 entries, a performance that earned him $17,944.

Finally, Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombim also won on the site’s felt. He earned $12,912 after defeating 319 opponents in Sunday’s $215 StacKOsaurus event. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize$215 Sunday Supersonic “XxJoaoFeraxX” 1st place $12,880 Episode 01-H: $320 NLHE Season Kickoff “KKremate” 3rd place $12,194

Pedro Padilha wins $1,050 in Sunday High Roller

Corona and Obaya share Codere Poker Series 50km schedule

Corona and Obaya share Codere Poker Series 50km sc...

Like every month, January hosts a new edition of the $50,000 MonthlyCodere Poker Series tournament, with entry by collecting the names Earned by “Coinderes” chipswhich players receive every 10 hours of playing at cash tables.

Generally speaking, 50 hours of game time are required to enter the $50,000 tournament. The tournament takes place in the first month of 2024, taking place on February 1st in the Meneo Room of the Codere Poker Series, between Andre Corona and David Obaya First win, end of place.

Thus, the two winners earned MXN 13,500 each, with Cristobal Miranda on the podium. ,The prize is MXN 8,000.

Codere Poker Series – 50,000 MXN per month

1° Andre Corona – 13,500 MXN2° David Obaya – 13,500 MXN3° Cristobal Miranda – 8,000 MXN4° Juan Alberto Lemus – MXN$5,5005° Victor Sanchez – 4,000 MXN6° Alan Sanchez – 3,000 MXN 7° Axel Garcia – MXN 2,500

Corona and Obaya share Codere Poker Series 50km sc...

EPT: Kim de Sousa wins big pot on final leg of ME Day 1B

Kim de Sousa breaks, evading a triple all-in with...

Kim de Sousa from the state of Goiás is the Brazilian who collected the most chips on Day 1B of the EPT Paris Main Event. He had a roller-coaster day. However, the last few hands were uneventful, with a very difficult cooler and a triple-all-in win.

The match took place with blinds of 600/1,200 and Kim de Sousa pressed the button after Iranian Nariman Yaghmai hijacked the opening with a small raise. Swiss player Bekim Murtezi was the big blind and decided to defend.

The flop came and Brazilian players won the top three. Bekim checked and saw Nariman bet with two pair. Kim was broke and had just called his opponent’s bet when he saw the big blind continue his hand. The turn came to one and the hand was finally over.

Now all three have strong cards. Bekim checked again and this time Nariman bet 14,000 chips. Kim decided to go all-in with a three-bet for 32,000 chips and saw the Swiss player go all-in in the big blind.

According to what the Goiás native revealed to Mundo Poker, the Iranian player pondered for five minutes, and at the end of the two games, it was a draw with a flush. After being called on the traditional “clock”, he decided to call with a stack very close to Kim’s and created a huge pot.

The Iranians still have a lot of out cards, while the Swiss and Brazilians only have 3 out cards. Divide equally to eliminate. However, Kim de Sousa saw the best hand on the river and took home a whopping 150,000 in chips on the second day of play. Bekim went on to take 87,000 chips and Nariman was eliminated. What a breakthrough!

Kim de Sousa breaks, evading a triple all-in with...

Spend just $1 to get your KKPoker entry to the BSOP São Paulo

Spend just $1 to get your KKPoker entry to the BSO...

The path to the BSOP 2024 Opening Stage is through the KKPoker tables. The platform is currently offering a spot in the main event worth R$3,000 in qualifying rounds, available for purchase by all wallets.

As of February 21st, KKPoker will be hosting multiple $15 satellite tournaments. Tickets for these tournaments are available in $1 increments and go on sale for each game one hour before the satellite begins.

View all details

Dates: February 7, 12, 14, 19, 21

Time: 7:30 pm

Buy: $15

Rebuy: $15

Additional: $15

Blinds: 10 minutes

Spend just $1 to get your KKPoker entry to the BSO...

Daniel Aziz finishes 3rd at PokerStars ME High

Daniel Aziz finishes third in PokerStars Carnival...

Monday saw the completion of the Carnival Series Main Event in all PokerStars buy-in brackets. In addition to the Main Event Medium, one of the most notable results of the day came from Daniel Aziz “dani aziz” in the Main Event High (US$ 1,050).

After a strong final table, where Daniel was chip leader at times during the second day, he was eliminated in third place and left with US$ 34,055 and seven mystery bounties won throughout the tournament.

Dalton Hobold “daltonhb” recorded two good results on the platform on Monday as well. He bagged the US$ 215 StacKOsaurus and came third in Event #56-H (US$ 530 NLHE), taking US$ 21,943 for the two wins.

Cezar Neto, owner of the “cezinhaaaaaa” account, got the better of Gustavo Demiciano “Demiciaano” in Event #54-M (US$ 55 NLHE). The gold medal brought in US$ 18,559 for Cezar, while Gustavo bagged US$ 14,135 for silver.

Daniel Aziz finishes third in PokerStars Carnival...

Luigi Soncin had a great Saturday at PokerStars

Luigi Soncin had a strong performance on Saturday,...

Ahead of the exciting Carnival, the PokerStars Carnival Series continues to deliver results worth celebrating for Brazilian players. Saturday was no exception, with more green and yellow studs.

The highlight of the day was Luigi “Gofaziin26” Soncin, who took first place in event #39-H (USA). 530 $NLHE). Luigi defeated 180 players and won $20,867.

All of the “khalifaman00” account Diogo Brombim won gold and $11,326 in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. He competed against 93 contestants and needed seven hours of play to win.

“420)ZUMA” still had time to earn $7,383 to secure a safe cut in Saturday’s $27 tournament, where he competed against 2,728 players. The heads-up match was against “muka_gaming”, who won $5,456.

Luigi Soncin had a strong performance on Saturday,...

Kozlov wins PLO/NLH tournament at WPT World Championship

Kozlov wins PLO/NLH tournament at WPT World Champi...

The 2023 WPT World Championship continues to crown champions, this time in the Inaugural Mixed Play Event, culminating with Martin Kozlov concluding their respectiveTrophies and five-figure prizesare at the top.

The $1,100 PLO/NLH tournament, scheduled for a single day, was decided on Wednesday and could total up to 376 entrants, tripling the original guaranteed amount and reaching a prize pool of $364,720 , assigned to the first 47 players.

The coveted trophy for the 2023 WPT World Championship.

After 29 levels, each level took 30 minutes to find the winner, this time it was Kozlov who received $74,373 in prize money, and Ben Ludlow Ranked second with $50,754. None of the Latin Armada representatives were box office hits.

The festival now turns its attention to Mystery Bounty, which has completed three first flights and surpassed 3,500 registered entries. Wynn Las Vegas, for its part, will continue to prepare for more in these weeks thanks to an extensive schedule that runs through December 23.

$1,100 PLO/NLH – WPT World Championship

Buy-in: $1,100

Entrants: 376

Pot: $364,720

Final Table

1° Martin Kozlov – $74,3732. Ben Ludlow – $50,7543. Paul Roy – $37,6014° Ryan Christopherson – $27,8695° Mark Liedtke – $20,6346° Sami Schulbachi – $15,3117. Tony Hoang – $11,4458° Philip Shing – $8,7279° Stephen Ma – $6,796

Kozlov wins PLO/NLH tournament at WPT World Champi...

Phil Hellmuth misses bad NFL weekend bets

Phil Hellmuth had a disastrous weekend after missi...

No one can doubt Phil Hellmuth’s poker qualities. The American is the record holder of 17 WSOP bracelets and is considered one of the best players in the history of the sport with an extremely enviable resume.

But Hellmuth’s poker skills didn’t always carry over. Enter other areas such as sports betting this way. The American often expresses his opinions on the NFL (American Football League) on his Twitter account, and during the 2023 season several bets he posted on the social network turned out to be wrong. This situation repeated itself in the wild-card round that marked the first week of the NFL playoffs:

Hellmuth’s bets were Cleveland Browns -2 and Detroit Lions -3 – which effectively means The Browns had to beat the Houston Texans by three points or more, while the Lions had to beat the Los Angeles Rams by at least four points; what actually happened was that the Browns lost 45-14, and The Lions won, but they couldn’t make up the margin needed to win the bet by a score of 24-23.

Well, the NFL playoffs are now divisional rounds instead of round-robin games There are currently eight teams still competing for the title. Two games will be played on Saturday and two more on Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for Hellmuth to post his bet for this round on his Twitter account: place the opposite bet and celebrate the win.

Phil Hellmuth had a disastrous weekend after missi...

Gabriel Bueno cashed out $150 on Thursday’s Throwdown

Gabriel Bueno cashed out $150 on Thursday's Throwd...

Domestic fans once again achieved great success in online tournaments. During a visit to GGPoker, Gabriel Bueno let out a victory cheer during Thursday’s Throwdown $150 event. He earned $19,494 after defeating 1,588 opponents.

At the Bounty Hunters HR event he won $525, while Bruno “Depaulainspt” Jardim took home the silver medal and $15,225, Éder Campana (4th) and Peter Patricia (5th) ). ) won $11,141 and $5,203 respectively.

“TchuPerrr” won Thursday’s Throwdown HR $1,050 heads-up event. In total, he won $17,980.

Soon after, Keven “kevito” Augusto won the Daily Main Event in second place for $250 for $7,669.

Gabriel Bueno cashed out $150 on Thursday's Throwd...

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